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Let’s face it: the Internet has changed – even reinvigorated – how we all live. With Internet access at an all-time high throughout the world, and reaching areas it never could have before, it’s no surprise that many industries have become part and parcel of the Internet experience – and vice versa.

Rural communities and urban metropolises alike have made the Internet into not just a part of their culture, but into a part of their economy. Here are some of the biggest and best industries that are benefitting most of all from the long-lasting aftershocks of the ”dot-com boom”!

Service, restaurants

Finding restaurants in your area is a miniature industry all to its own, starting with Yelp and continuing to growing delivery services. The biggest benefactor!

Luxury goods

Candy stores, soda manufacturers and bulk goods stores can reach clients in different countries, or in rural areas where they might not be able to ship their goods to stores. Some shops manage to use e-commerce as their sole point of sale!


The automotive industry is one of the bigger beneficiaries of a world equipped with Internet. Although prospective buyers still have to visit dealerships and shop around in person, the proliferation of online directories (such as Google Maps) means that every dealer has many more prospective customers to sell to.